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The Weekly Financial Trading Seminar and Webinar helps you become an expert in financial trading. Practicing, asking questions, and improving will help you become a pro.

“Trading is something everyone wants to do,
but not everyone knows where to begin.”

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We will guide you to choose a regulated broker according to your needs. A mentor will be there for you at every step of the way, from trading to demo accounts to live accounts.



I took an A to Z course in Trust Institute along with managing my business. Though I was trading earlier, I wasn't confident in it. So, I was seeking a course for it. I eventually found the Trust Institute and met Mr. Firaz, who was polite to us and was teaching us with consideration. So, I took a course with him.



I have studied at Trust Institute as a full-time student. I will refer Trust Institute to my friends as these people are just legit. Earlier I was poor at trading skills. Before I joined here, all I knew was some platforms or Youtube videos. Now I am really confident about it.


Faith Muthai

I heard about Trust Institute by searching online. I like my course because I’m able to interact with my mentor Mr. Firas. I’m able to understand better. He uses examples that give me more knowledge of understanding.


Bunyod Abdullae

I heard about the trust institute through social media, and I just entered their live session. I chose the basic course because I should learn step by step. Mr. Firas, he is giving the examples on exchange and forex.



I am student there for few months now and really happy about taking my course with Trust Institute. I learned a lot from Firas that has amazing patience, knowledge and way to explain charts and using platform and all about trading background in general. Lessons are 1:1 what makes great for better understanding. Course is affordable and is litteraly for everyone. Beginer that has no idea how to look at chart or place a trade as well as for one that are in this for some time and need other proffesional advice or guidenence. I always feel welcome there and Rina, assistant, always reply fast on msgs and is super nice and friendly.



fortuitously found the "trust institute" page on insta 3 months ago, i did my research on it i contacted them and got the a to z course. As per my experience with trust institute, an integrated harmonious team, from customer service you will find Rina with an excellent performance, so lovely friendly, cool. And with Firas an extreme professionalism in educating , He puts humongous genuine effort in teaching , and slowly to make sure that all the information has been assimilated and the sessions are given live one on one. I strongly do recommend anyone who wants to learn trading professionally, just Google trust institute, contact them and get the A To Z course in forex.



A well satisfied student at Trust Institute. Affordable prices from beginners' course to advanced. With trading experts and friendly staff. Big up to my mentor Firas and her assistant Rina. Highly recommend