Online Trading Institute in Dubai | Trust Institute

Trust Institute offers you the chance to enroll in a variety of Financial Courses Designed and Developed by Experts in the field

A-Z Assisted Trading Course

The perfect course to learn about financial markets, including crypto, indices, forex, commodities, and stocks - empowering you with the basic to advance knowledge every trader needs.

Forex Crash Course

Learn how to trade in The FX market which is the world's largest financial market. get involved in the marketplace with currency speculation to improve your own financial situation.

Crypto Crash Course

The course offers a chance to learn how to spot opportunities in the crypto market with the right mindset, knowledge, and tools.

Pip Trading and Market Hunts

Develop the skills to trade on the short-term time frames and snipe the market supply & demand areas using the latest financial indicators and strategies

Chart Reading & Technical Indicator

Acquire experts perception and decipher charts and patterns to find the most prolific trading chances.

Stocks Trading Crash Course

Become a wall street trader with experts and spot stock trading investment opportunities.

7 Proven and Tested Strategies

A walk through 9 years of trial and error to help develop the best trading technique that suits your daily life & financial capacity.

Risk Money Management

Plan your every entry and exit taking into consideration risk reward and money management. Learn portfolio diversification and market corelation

3 Types of Market Analysis

Explore the ins and outs of financial markets, including the 3 major market analysis.