“Infuriating” is the right word to describe December markets. Patience is running low in our traders’ systems, cutting every chance to enter the bidding and leaving them hanging on low volatility and maddening prices.

Winter isn’t the optimal trading season and is surely the worst-oriented market time of the year, indifferent to market news and data this arena is the ultimate nightmare of all traders.

Hunting for a trade is difficult in such markets and requires deep analysis and high skills, only vacant in disciplined greedy market predators that will never miss a day without a market entry and a chance to participate in the 5 trillion dollars daily competition, betting on a long or a short.

A missing trade is better than a losing one; this moto will help you surpass a period of dehydrated and non-opportunistic markets since the smart predator will stay still and patient to eventually enter at the right moment and price.

We are all waiting for the trend to get back on its track, to do so the market is waiting for a major event that can grant back passage to a market flow that will forge back opportunities and will give hope to whom lost It during this vicious period.